Spotify Investment Thesis

Published on 03/13/21 | Saurav | 4,912 Words

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  • This is our thesis as posted on March 4, 2020 - now in magazine format.
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Thesis Summary

As of March 3, 2020: Growth in number of smartphones and in music streaming penetration is primed to boom in the next 3 years. Spotify will likely command a high market share (albeit reduced), given its focus on Personalization and Ubiquity.

Competitive Advantage - The Castle: 

  • Core Competency? Music Streaming Software – the pioneer in this revolution.
  • Product Differentiation? Claims to have better data & software. Translates to better UI/UX.
  • Historical Growth? High Revenue and Active User growth. Expected to continue.

Durability of Competitive Advantage - The Moat:

  • Competition/Threats? Apple and Amazon have deep pockets.
  • Moat? User History + better AI = better experience. Also, relationships with Music Labels.
  • Market Share Growth? Expect that it will decrease from current level of 50%.

Management Quality - The Generals:

  • Strategy & Action? Good. Focused on Scale, Software and Acquisitions.
  • Sustainable Return on Equity? Low. Margin pressure will remain.
  • Sustainable Free Cash Flow? *****Redacted.
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