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Climate Change | Netflix | Semiconductors | Stock Splits..

Saurav Sen | July 2022

What needs to happen in the business?..

Saurav Sen | May 2022

An effective tool to help us keep calm..

Saurav Sen | May 2022

To get here, we’ve taken a few punches. But you don't have to...

Saurav Sen | October 2021

Nice payoff so far. But should we hold on?..

Saurav Sen | August 2021

From February 2020. Just before the pandemic...

Saurav Sen | July 2021

How we measure overprice-y-ness in our portfolio...

Saurav Sen | July 2021

What we learned from our 3-year track record...

Saurav Sen | July 2021

Category creator, leader. But is it too richly priced?..

Saurav Sen | June 2021

...where you don't have to put up a lot of capital.....

Saurav Sen | May 2021

Originally posted in April 2018. Still holds...

Saurav Sen | May 2021

It's not the size of the dog in the fight.....

Saurav Sen | May 2021

Originally posted in June 2018. Updated in April 2020...

Saurav Sen | May 2021

Sweet nuggets of wisdom from the BRK May 2021 Meeting...

Saurav Sen | May 2021

Watch List 3.0: New, Improved, Unconventional, Practical..

Saurav Sen | April 2021

Operation: Be greedy when others are fearful...

Saurav Sen | March 2021

The line between them is blurry, but not invisible...

Saurav Sen | February 2021

Secular growth, Covid Immunity, Reasonable Valuations...

Saurav Sen | November 2020

Buy low (expectations), sell high (expectations)..

Saurav Sen | October 2020

Should we hold on to our favorite dominator?..

Saurav Sen | August 2020

There's positive optionality. But how much should we pay?..

Saurav Sen | August 2020

From our resident India expert

Manab Sen | June 2020

"Buckle up Dorothy, 'cause Kansas is...."..

Saurav Sen | May 2020

Can these companies live to fight another day?..

Saurav Sen | March 2020

A Portfolio of 21st Century Growth Themes...

Saurav Sen | February 2020

Evaluating the TSLA bubble after a meteoric rise...

Saurav Sen | February 2020

Are semiconductor equipment companies attractive?..

Saurav Sen | January 2020

“…returns decrease as motion increases.” – Warren Buffett..

Saurav Sen | January 2020

Part 1: Payment ecosystem disruption...

Saurav Sen | December 2019

Will the wounded tiger roar again?

Manab Sen | December 2019

Strangely ignored by most analysts and investors...

Saurav Sen | November 2019

A quick guide to the Buffett Style of Investing...

Saurav Sen | November 2019

Breaking it down - Revenue to Free Cash Flow to Stock Price...

Saurav Sen | October 2019

Lone star in the Indian Banking industry?..

Saurav Sen | October 2019

Comfortable Company. Comfortable Price. Lollapalozza!..

Saurav Sen | August 2019

The Buylyst exposure to this political risk...

Saurav Sen | May 2019

Investing in a massive, systemic overhaul...

Manab Sen | April 2019

“The true investment objective of growth is not just to make gains b..

Saurav Sen | February 2019

New Disney will be a formidable force, but at what price?..

Saurav Sen | January 2019

"Success means being very patient, but aggressive when it’s time." -..

Saurav Sen | November 2018

GE's shock therapy warrants another deep-dive...

Saurav Sen | October 2018

How to think about investing in 1/6th of humanity...

Manab Sen | June 2018

When the Data Bomb, AI, and Moore’s Law collide...

Saurav Sen | June 2018

Harnessing the new information revolution tailwind...

Saurav Sen | May 2018

“Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s swimming naked..

Saurav Sen | April 2018

A naturally unintelligent stab at an inevitability...

Saurav Sen | April 2018

How to evaluate companies and stocks. Or socks. ..

Saurav Sen | March 2018

Investing in the global electrical grid makeover...

Saurav Sen | March 2018

A superficial but efficient investment idea screener...

Saurav Sen | March 2018

Achieve Financial Freedom. By Beating Inflation...

Saurav Sen | January 2018

“Ignore the chatter, minimize costs, invest as if you would in a far..

Saurav Sen | January 2018

“The bottom line is that, looked at prospectively, much of risk is s..

Saurav Sen | January 2018

All I want to know is where I’m going to die, so I’ll never go the..

Saurav Sen | January 2018

Is Renewable Energy going to win the Royal Rumble?..

Saurav Sen | January 2018

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