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  • Lifetime Access to the Bankcaster
  • Lifetime Access to the Fundcaster
  • Lifetime Access to the Buyscreener
  • Lifetime Access to our Research & Analysis
  • Full view of our Portfolio
  • Full email support (ask us anything, anytime!)

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More details on how we can help you:

The Buycaster

Punch in a ticker, your return target, and let The Buycaster do the heavy lifting. Should I add ABC stock to my portfolio given that my return target is X% CAGR over the long-term? That’s the question The Buycaster answers, in seconds, for over 5,000 stocks. The Buycaster gives you everything you need to make a rational decision – every relevant bit of deep-dive, forward-looking fundamental analysis is distilled and presented in a super-user-friendly dashboard.

The Buyscreener

Based on The Buycaster's actionable insights, The Buyscreener distills our universe of >5,000 stocks and ETFs down to a handful of sleep-well-at-night investment ideas based on your criteria. We've provided 12 nuanced criteria - including our proprietary Rationality Rating - that you can mix & match, which makes it the most useful screening tool in the market.

The Bankcaster

Use The Bankcaster to do you own homework on more than 300 global bank stocks. We’ve made analyzing bank stocks super easy and intuitive! The Bankcaster distills professional-grade, deep-dive fundamental analysis down to a super-user-friendly interactive dashboard that’s full of actionable insights. Never overpay for a bank stock again.

The Fundcaster

Use The Fundcaster to analyze Equity ETFs like never before. This is a one-of-a-kind tool that takes the guesswork out of ETF investing by rolling up deep-dive fundamental analysis - stock by stock - from the Buycaster and the Bankcaster. The result is a super-user-friedndly dashboard with deep, actionable insights, so you'll never overpay for an ETF again.

Research & Analysis

We built The Buylyst for ourselves first. When we started seriously managing our own money, we realized that we needed to do serious, detailed Research & Analysis. Without that, we wouldn't be able to generate high returns, while sleeping well night.  All our work over the past 5 years is published, and sortable by Theme or Company/Stock. You can see how we've evolved as investors over time.

Our Portfolio

All our Research & Analysis distills down to our portfolio, in which w've invested most of our lifesavings. We publish our portfolio (and transactions) for the sake of transparency. This is as real as a proof-of-concept gets. Please note that our portfolio is not a financial recommendation. It is, however, a demonstration of how we use The Buycaster.

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