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This is what it all boils down to: 20-25 investments in which we've invested most of our savings. Each investment is backed by a well-research thesis and a definitive valuation.

Detailed Theses

Long-form investment theses that go deep into a company's Competitive Advantage and its Durability, Management Quality and numerical assumptions that flow into Valuation.

Detailed Valuation

This is where the detailed theses and all the assumptions in them are quantified down to a clear estimate of how much a company and its stock should be worth. The emphasis is estimating a Believe-able, Sustainable Free Cash Flow.


An ever-growing library of magazine-style articles, where The Buylyst scans the world for investment opportunities. Every investment idea fits into a latticework of worldviews. BOTH Annual and Monthly Subscribers get Full Access.


Commentary on all 20-25 ideas is an ongoing flow of relevant tidbits. Think of it as a gated Twitter feed that acts as a constant update to investment theses and valuations. Annual Subscribers get Full Access.

Access to Us

We're here for any questions about how to use The Buylyst and about general clarifications on investment ideas, rationales and valuations. BOTH Annual and Monthly Subscribers have access to us.

Mental Models

These are the building blocks of The Buylyst's internal compass. This collection of wisdom from the giants of investing, when overlaid on our experience, informs our investment mindset and process. Full Access to everyone.

Weekly Newsletter

Subscribers get a heads-up about the latest additions to The Buy List, with theses and valuations, along with Worldviews, updates on holdings and Mental Models via 2 weekly newsletters, with some extra commentary and goodies.

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