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The Buylyst Magazine

We’re striving to be the best investment magazine in the world – one that takes the confusion out of investing within minutes. We do this by neatly packaging our Research of the Week, our proprietary Watch List, The Buylyst Portfolio, and our distinct Thematic Worldview, all in a compact, easily readable, digestible format. We send out The Buylyst Magazine approximately 3 times a month.

The Buylyst Portfolio

It all boils down to this – 20-25 liquid, long-term, public equity (stocks and ETFs) investments around the world. This portfolio is a definitive bet on Global Progress. Each holding in The Buylyst Portfolio comes with an Entry Price, a Target Weight, a Definitive Valuation, a Detailed Thesis, and an ongoing Investability Rating. Please visit our Portfolio Dashboard for a preview.

Investment Theses & Valuation

Our analysis is both top-down and bottom-up, and we don’t compromise on either. Our bottom-up analysis includes detailed exploration of a company’s Competitive Advantage, its Economic Moat, and its Growth Strategy. Ultimately, all that boils down to a clear, uncomplicated valuation of the company’s stock. Our valuations guide our portfolio transactions.

Research Articles

Actionability and Readability are big priorities for us. Our top-down and bottom-up research is archived in our Research & Analysis page, which can be filtered by Investment Theme. Our articles are dense with data, analyses, and definitive investment decisions, but are immensely readable and (dare we say) enjoyable.

Comprehensive Watch List

This is the most useful Watch List we can build – it’s a weekly reconnaissance of our Investment Themes and the broader equity markets, which allows us to pick and choose our battles. Each stock in our Watch List comes with our proprietary Investability Rating, which we’ve built upon the principles of Expectations Investing.

Thematic Worldview

About once a week, we include an 8-to-10-page Thematic Worldview, which briefly discusses potential investment opportunities, latest happenings, and noteworthy portfolio transactions in each Investment Theme. We publish our Thematic Worldview with each Magazine issue and archive them online in our Commentary section.

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