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Published on 02/19/19 | Saurav Sen | 1,296 Words

The BuyGist:

  • The Buylyst is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Depth and Breadth: Between all of us, we cover a wide spectrum of experiences in investment management.
  • We live, breath, eat, sleep investing. Always have.

Saurav Sen, CFA

Founder | Managing Partner 

Dude, where should I invest? It turns out that it’s a very common question.  I created the Buylyst out of a personal need – that I should have access to professional-grade research of the highest quality for my Retirement and Personal accounts. I wasn’t satisfied with the resources I had. It turned out others weren’t either. They kept asking me, “dude, where should I invest?”. So, I decided to do something about it. In 2017, The Buylyst concept was born on a whiteboard in my apartment in New York. 

As I’ve honed the concept over the last year or so, I’ve drawn from a diverse array of experiences in the Investment Management Industry spanning nearly 15 years. I started out in Commonfund as part of an Analyst Rotation Program that allowed me dig into various asset classes – Domestic and International Equities, Hedge Fund Strategies, and Fixed Income and Commodities. Given my inclinations, I served those groups in a quantitative capacity, filling in as a go-to resident “quant”. I took that skillset over to a preeminent Long/Short Equity hedge fund called Cantillon Capital Management. I joined their Risk team, focusing on quantitative analysis and risk management under the tutelage of their Chief Risk Officer. 

In 2009, I decided that I wanted to switch gears, step aside from quantitative and statistical analysis, and dive deep into Fundamental Analysis. I went to Graduate School to train as a Research Analyst. After graduation, I joined Deutsche Bank’s Investment Management arm in their High Yield Research team, where I analyzed High Yield bonds and leveraged loans issued by companies in the Power, Renewable Energy, Entertainment, Restaurants and REITs sectors. I took that newfound skillset over to a boutique Alternative Credit Fund, where I analyzed leveraged loans and bonds issued by companies in the Energy, Power, Mining and Financials sectors. Overall, my experience spans from quantitative equity to fundamental fixed income, which is a unique toolkit to have as a Research Analyst. 

As far as formal education is concerned, I graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in both Economics and Mathematics, with a minor in Statistics. After a few years I attended Carnegie Mellon University and got my MBA. Between the two stints, I became a CFA charter-holder. 

In my spare time, lately I’ve been going down YouTube rabbit-holes about becoming a morning-person: waking up super-early, doing the perfect 10-minute workout, and meditating. Yet to start on all 3 counts. :-)

Vishal Goenka

Managing Partner | Chief Evangelist

I realized that The Buylyst needed more intellectual and experiential horsepower. Fortunately, I didn’t need to go beyond my college network. 

Vishal has been on Wall Street since 2002, having worked at some of the most prestigious institutions including CSFB, Lazard Frères and Merrill Lynch.  During this time, he held leadership roles across a number of different verticals including investment banking, proprietary trading, asset management and sales.  He has a wide range of experience across industries including technology, Media, Telecom, Gaming, Leisure and Transportation sectors.  During his investment career, Vishal has studied closely the nuances of the investment philosophies and trading styles of some of the world’s most eminent asset managers. That’s a huge asset to The Buylyst. 

In addition to research, Vishal has extensive experience in client-facing roles. He has been responsible for creating a number of portfolios for high net worth individuals, families and institutions using traditional and alternative investment products.  This experience has put Vishal in a unique position to help clients see the light and invest intelligently.

Between Vishal’s experience and mine, we’ve covered a wide spectrum in the field of investing – from sectors to asset classes to investing styles – a powerful combination that’s hard to find anywhere else.

As far as formal education is concerned, Vishal graduated with high distinction from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan with concentrations in Accounting and Finance. He has also held various licenses from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority to sell and recommend securities.

In his spare time, Vishal is the leading armchair NFL Head Coach in his neighborhood. Bill Belichik, watch out. :-)

Manab Sen

Managing Partner | India Specialist

I couldn’t have asked for someone with a broader and deeper experience in India and the Emerging Markets. Fortunately, again, I didn’t need to look too far.

Manab has over 40 years of experience in global financial markets. That includes 20+ years of C-level assignments, 6 hands-on start-up situations, Private Equity investments, and Restructurings & Turnarounds. Manab’s experience covers Investment Management, Banking, Financial Services, Information Technology, E-commerce, and Cloud Computing in the US, the Middle East and in India. His career covers Fortune 500 companies, family-owned enterprises, and start-ups. 

Manab started out as a Credit Analyst with State Bank of India before moving over to the American Express Bank in Mumbai as a Trader. After a dozen years of solid number-crunching experience, he was entrusted the role of CEO of a diversified financial company, which he built from ground up with partial funding from one of the largest industrial groups in India. Having caught the entrepreneurial bug, he did it again a few years later. Both companies completed successful Initial Public Offerings (IPOs).

In the mid-nineties, Manab moved to the Middle East as Global Head, Corporate Finance of a local Investment Bank. He was charged with directing and managing US Dollar Private Equity investments into emerging markets – largely into India. In a few pioneering transactions, he successfully leveraged international PE arbitrage opportunities to unlock extraordinary returns for investors by folding Indian companies into a US holding-company structures. During these years, Manab covered the entire gamut from turnarounds, cross-border Mergers & Acquisitions, and exits through business sales, IPOs and Restructurings.  Manab also supervised an Indian Equities Mutual Fund, achieving award-winning results (#1 Indian equities fund for 1 and 3 years rated in 1999 by MicroPal – an S&P company).

After moving to the USA, Manab continues to be involved in several India-based investment opportunities helping clients realize the potential India has to offer. India is close to his heart, which is why he enjoys taking month-long annual trips there to get an undigested, uncensored, insider view of the dynamic economy. We try to incorporate that knowledge, experience and passion into all our India-related worldviews and theses. Manab is our resident India expert.

In his spare time, Manab is an average golfer – on a good day. :-)

Catherine McNey

Data Analyst

Catherine loves digging through troves of financial data to find statistical patterns, confirm finance theories, and generally for fun. That's why she's our resident Data Analyst. Catherine is currently a senior at Rutgers University and will be graduating soon with a bachelor’s in Economics, concentrating in Finance & Analytics. 

At The Buylyst, she has begun her journey towards becoming a leading expert on quantitative finance on Wall Street. We're counting the days! :-)

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